too long since my last post…so sorry

So it has been forever since my last post.. and I am sorry!! But I do have a good excuse or 2.
I have been doing art for the comic… I have gotten quite a few pages penciled and I think so far they are turning out pretty good. And I think in a few weeks we will be putting up a teaser on our csis agent canuck facebook page.
Also I have seen some more art for the up coming captain canuck cartoon…. I think it look great!! I will add some of that art up here soon.

I will try to post again at some more regular interval… sadly with 2 jobs and trying to get art done for the comic I am left with little time.

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sick week….

so.. i have been wanting to write here all week.. i have just been out of it.  I came to my full time job where i work nights and i started to feel a cold coming on and it has just drained me all week.   And i know normal people when they get sick take time off, well i am kind of a freak.  SO i have been at my two jobs all week and still have a few days to go… i think i will end up doing 95 hours this week and hope not to die!! lol

But i have been doing thumbnails all week and i am hoping to start on pages by the end of this week…

as i get pages done i will post random ones here….

hope all is well…

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wow… it has been too long…….

so my only excuse for waiting so long is that i am working on art for the first issue… find us on facebook… csisagent captain canuck!






Pen Sketch…. more art coming soon…. i will start introducing some of the cast….with some more finished art than this…..


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Been a few weeks….

Sorry about the space inbetween Posts… it has been a little crazy!

but i have some news… we have a finished draft for issue 1 and i am starting on some of the art.  How i am doing this is very carefully.. i am dong thumbnails and then pencils and then inks… so i will plan out the whole issue… and then do my pencils for the whole issue and then i will go back and do inks for the whole issue…. it will be a process… but i am hoping it will make everythng turn out great…

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Art stuff…

So the bulk of the work I will be doing for the New CC is the art… the look of it… it is something that is very exciting and scary at the same time.  But there is something that I am going to attempt to do to not only try to make this easier but to make some of my art more consistent.

This is also something that me and my partner in this have discussed over and over as well.  See what we are going to do is try to use reference for as much as we can… for example I am going to be using lots of references for faces… that way when I draw Canuck with out his mask on he looks the same all the time because I am just referring to one persons face.. and no it wont be me!! Lol

We are going to be using reference for key buildings that you will see more and more… that way the city hall looks the same all the time… and such.


Now we are still in the infant stages of this… I mean really we are almost done the draft for the first issue… and then some editing of it and then the art and so on and so forth…


Like I said still in the beginnings.. but well on our way to the finishings…



No how much I am really going to be contributing to the art… well maybe more than I originally wanted.. but after a while I may be able to step back a bit…


But at this point it looks like I will be doing all the pencil art.. and then my own inks.. and then colour guides for some one to make look prettier in Photoshop… now what I am hoping is that the person who will be helping me with the Photoshop stuff.. well that he will soon not need the guides.. also I am hoping to teach some friends some stuff on inking and maybe get some help with that…


But time will tell us all….


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jumbled thoughts….

So.. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am doing some art for a charity in KW area for an event called Cutting Out Brain Cancer… something that I personally know many who have suffered with… if anyone who reads this is in that area.. on June 10th you should check it out…


Now that I am done that I am going to be doing some Canuck centered art… get some stuff out there for you to see the direction we are headed… the story is coming along great.. and we are doing this very carefully .. so I will be doing something called thumbnail sketches of all the pages… and some of those I may show here…


Now some of you may wonder what comics I read.. since I am attempting to make one.. lol..

Well my partner who is doing the heavy lifting in the writing area… he is more of the Collector than myself…. Not that I don’t collect or read.. I am just weird in my way…


My  partner.. and I bug him about this.. he is a Batman nut… Batman everything… he right now I think collects 3 batman monthly books.. along with a few others… he has batman toys and novels, trade paperbacks, graphic novels.. Batman Batman Batman.. nothing at all wrong with this… and he is very careful with all his comics.. bags boards and organized…he is like a regular collector… which is probably the only normal thing about him!!


Now myself.. I am the weird collector…I think it comes from living with comics my whole life.. always tones and tones around.. so I don’t seem to ever collect a character.. there are lots of characters I love.. . but that isn’t enough to get me to buy a book.. and there are lots of characters I hate.. . but that doesn’t mean I would never buy their book.. see im weird..

Myself I tend to follow people.. creators, artists, writers inkers colorists… and I will give you an example… and this list is ever growing because great people come on the scene every day… but I love Jim Lee’s art and I love Richard Friend’s inks and Sinclair is an amazing colorist and Millar is a great writer.. and any of those people will get me to pick up a book… so that is how I collect.. and my comics end up in piles.. and the bags in the garbage.. and the boards get drawn on.. see weird..


Well.. thanks for coming by and reading…