old and new…

As you all can see, there have been a few versions of the good Captain.  i have enjoyed them all, though my personal favourite is the first series from ’75 to ’85.  But then as a little person, those were the first comics that i would go to.  thoses were the comics that were always around. 

Sometimes i wonder if what i am trying to do with the Captain will work the same for my son…


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Superheroes and supervillians…

For a little while now I have been working on my new version of Captain Canuck.  I have been very diligent in not only keeping true to all the work that my father has done in the past but also being able to give the Captain’s universe my own personal spin.  While doing this I have had a thought.

Superman has amazing powers, but would he be as powerful a hero with out Lex Luthor.  Batman is the worlds greatest detective, but is he really a hero with out the Joker?  Harry Potter is rally just another kid with out Voldamort.  Every great hero I could think of had a opposite to them.  They all had a counterpoint.  But looking through the Captain Canuck Universe I didn’t really see a arch Nemesis for the Captain.  Sure he had villains all through the books…but none that really stand out as a Arch Nemesis. 

So that has been my goal, to make a counterpoint for the Captain, to make a character that the Captain always has to go back to fight, even if he is off fighting something else.  This will be someone that he knows is always out there waiting to strike.


The morning after…

So Canada has vote, little has changed but the Captain goes on. 

It seems that in the upcoming year that there may be alot happening with the old Captain, and not just what I am hoping to produce.  But there is talks of most of the original series being reprinted in a graphic novel.  Also I was talking to my father and he is working on the Legacy series.  I am soon going to pester him and see if he will let me do some inking on a few of the pages or cover.  Along with this he is still in talks with Sinking Ship productions and there is still hopes for a Captain Canuck Movie.  For such a small company there is lots going on. 

For the version of Captain Canuck that I and my friend hope to produce.  We are working on it and I hope soon to be able to preview you with some of my sketches if not some page art.

Hope you all voted…



First Post

So today, the day that Canada votes for a Prime Minister I am starting my blog.

This is going to be a blog on all things Captain Canuck.  From what is happening with the Legacy series to a series myself and a friend are working on.  In our vain hopes to add to the Captain Canuck Universe.    Being a Son of Captain Canuck Creator Richard Comely and haveing grown up with the Captain (the book was started 2 short years before I was born).  I felt it was about time that one of his children took a shot at the tittle. 

So right now all I have to say is that both the Legacy series and the new one I and my friend are working on are works in progress and you can check here for updates on that progress along with are and story samples.

thanks for reading…