My Creative Process part 4

So while working on my version of the Captain.  I wanted to keep and use as many as of the Characters that my father had made as possible.  But I wanted to make them my own.

Like for the Captain, I redesigned his costume for my purposes.  That was my plan for all of the old Characters. 

What happened was that when I got to a point that I was happy with my version of Captain Canuck.  I moved on to the next character.  And one of my personal favourites and one that I feel was the most underused character in my fathers arsenal was Catman, and one I was anxious to use for my own purposes. 

But for me, because he was so under used there was little on him.  this left alot open for me  when it came time to reinvent the character.  And re-inventing this character came quickly to me.  Re-designing this character, that was much harder.  If I get a hold of a scanner, I will post some sketches on the evolution of the Catman design.  The original Design for Catman was great.  It was dark and simple, but didn’t work  really for how i had changed the character.   So i had to come up with something that did work. but to me was still reminiscent of the original character. 

Doing this, i realized the work that has gone into Marvel’s Ultimate Line.  I am redesigning characters known to a small few.  How hard would it be to re-design Captain America?

I am now happy with the design i have for Catman.  I think i have found a way to make it work with the original character and what i have changed for the character.  He was so much fun to work on, because Captain Canuck is always so bright and clean and nice.  and Catman is the good guy who is dark, dirty and mean!

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My Creative Process part 3

How do you do something new, while at the same time keeping all that was done in the past?   That is the question that went through my mind on a regular basis while I have been working on this project. 

Then I came to a conclusion, I would make everything old new again.  I think there is an importance to stay with the source material.  There has been a world or universe built up around the Captain and I was not anxious to throw it away.  To me it was like throwing out the baby with the bath water. 

So I have very carefuly looked over all that has been done in the past and I have reshaped it to fit the new world I have created for the Captain.

I think next we will talk about the approach I took for each character.


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My Creative Process part 2

First, In response to a question I had sent.  I am hoping to have some help from a friend on the actual writing process.  I think it will be more of after I have written it he will  ahave a look over it and help from there. He is even more incredibly busy than I am and Time will be the telling of how in depth his contribution will be.  I am then hoping to Draw and ink the Issues.  My thoughts are that I will write out my Initial story and see how many Issues that takes. (I have an idea in mind, but things can change during the writing process).  Then I am going to Draw out all the issues, then when that is all done, (however long that takes) I am going to try to convince my brother who is an amazing graphic designer to colour it for me in his amazing dynamic way.  And then get it published.   And if somehow I can make money doing this, I hope to do some more.  I hope that answers your question.

Now, in discussing my creative process.  One thing kept going over in my mind.  Why was my Captain Canuck going to wear a costume.  If you look at the comics on the shelf now, the general consensus is that, by birth, accident, invention or government experiment a person is given powers and they are automatically put in a costume.  Usually to hide their identity from the world and are born warriors and hero’s.  This was just too easy for me.  For me, if i was going to follow this path then I might as well just continue on with one of the series that my father has started. 

So i tried to think why else would some one put on a costume, and why do they have to be born to be a hero?  Or born to be a warrior?  What if the person wearing the costume had to grow into it?  What if they were secretly just as afraid as the rest of us of danger and didn’t really want to go leaping off buildings.  What if they didn’t really know how to fight and wasn’t sure if they wanted to?  What if they were just not sure?  What would then compel them to put on a costume?

This was my conundrum.  How to overcome the easy on obvious.  Because it is easy to say: he came from another planet and had amazing powers and bravery.  He was born a warrior to protect us with grace adn humility.  And he even saved cats from trees.  Look to the new amazing superhero.  I just couldnt do that.  So i thought of how a person could become a superhero?  And what would compel them to?  And who would help them?  And why? 

I asked all these questions over and over again.  Until I had answers to all of them.


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My creative process

I am not so sure that anybody beyond myself is reading this blog.  But on the off hand there is I thought I would share how my creative process went with creating my version of Captain Canuck.
This is one of those blogs that I am going to do in parts.  There is no way I can cover it in one entry.

Let’s begin…

For me, having grown up with the Captain, (the first issue was done 2 years before i was born).  I have always wanted to do my own thing with the Captain.  But at the same time not throw away what has been done before.  This was really difficult for me, how do you do something brand new without completely disregarding what was done in the past?  And if I am going to incorporate the past in my new,  how do I do that and still stay original and not just a copy of what has been done before?
Then there is the even the more complex addition of being new to the Captain and also not copying what some other creator has done on another book out there.  That is even more difficult since there are so many books out there.  Think of the racks of a comic book shop, I try to go on Wednesday evenings when the new books are in, and there is usually 20 titles in just the new releases alone.  Not to mention how many different tittles are already on the shelf.
This was a daunting task to me, but one that i felt compelled to do.  Growing up with comics it has been a dream of mine for many years to have something of mine in print.  And growing up with the Captain, I have wanted to do something with the legacy my father had created.  I think it is a natural desire to want to take what your father has done and try to improve on it if possible.  I think that is why so many children follow their fathers careers in their adult life.  Trying to improve on what has been given us.
So I decided early on that Iwould keep as much of the Captain Canuck universe as possible, in what way Iwasn’t sure.  But I knew the first step for me was to define who the Captain was and why he was wearing the costume.  
I went over many times in my mind the differentvariations of the Captain Starting with the first, a man who was an agent of CISO a futuristic government organization who wore the costume as a Canadian symbol of strength because he was made stronger by the side effects of a miss fired alien weapon.  Then there was the reborn Captain.  Who was a millionaire playboy, champion kick boxer who wanted to stop his brothers plot to rule the world.  Then there is the Legacy series, which has only seen the first issue.  But I have spoken with my father about it and have discussed who will become the new Canuck. 
All this was great but who was my Canuck.  I thought about this over and over again.  When I would be cutting the lawn, I would think about who he was.  How he became the Captain and why.
It was to me like carving a large statue out of a big square bock of stone.  I knew that underneath it all was a statue of a person, I just had to slowly chip away the unwanted pieces of stone.  I think it was almost five years ago that I really started this process.  And it wasn’t until fairly recently that I finally can almost clearly see the statue under the stone.

Now I will update again soon, but here is the beginning of how I began my journey with the Captain.



Been a while…

It has been quite a while since I last posted here… Alot has happened and I hope tostart posting regularly here in this new year.

Hope 2009 in great for everyone.