My Creative Process part 4

So while working on my version of the Captain.  I wanted to keep and use as many as of the Characters that my father had made as possible.  But I wanted to make them my own.

Like for the Captain, I redesigned his costume for my purposes.  That was my plan for all of the old Characters. 

What happened was that when I got to a point that I was happy with my version of Captain Canuck.  I moved on to the next character.  And one of my personal favourites and one that I feel was the most underused character in my fathers arsenal was Catman, and one I was anxious to use for my own purposes. 

But for me, because he was so under used there was little on him.  this left alot open for me  when it came time to reinvent the character.  And re-inventing this character came quickly to me.  Re-designing this character, that was much harder.  If I get a hold of a scanner, I will post some sketches on the evolution of the Catman design.  The original Design for Catman was great.  It was dark and simple, but didn’t work  really for how i had changed the character.   So i had to come up with something that did work. but to me was still reminiscent of the original character. 

Doing this, i realized the work that has gone into Marvel’s Ultimate Line.  I am redesigning characters known to a small few.  How hard would it be to re-design Captain America?

I am now happy with the design i have for Catman.  I think i have found a way to make it work with the original character and what i have changed for the character.  He was so much fun to work on, because Captain Canuck is always so bright and clean and nice.  and Catman is the good guy who is dark, dirty and mean!

Thanks for reading…




1 Comment

  1. Hey Christian,

    I’m totally looking forward to the New Sketches of Captain Canuck n’ Catman! So from the sound of it are you bring back the Tom Evans Captain Canuck or are you creating a different person all together?

    Take Care
    – Ced

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