My Creative Process part 5

So one thing that I had to think about while creating my version of the Captain was costumes.  Who was going to wear them and why.  And though I am using a real agenncy.  I am using them in my own fictional way.  And my own fictional detachment.  So this gave me some freedom on how the field agents were to look. 

And for my field agents I was revivng some old Canuck characters some will recognize like Redcoat, Kebec and Bluefox.  BUt did they need costumes??  This was tricky… because I find you can get a costume overload in some books.  But then again costume are a key ingredient in a SuperHero Comic.

So I did some thinking, and tried to peice together the look for my world and the feel I was trying to get and decided that I would design outifts for the field agents, but not the standard skintight costume.   That would be reserved for Captain Canuck, (and maybe some key others).

This to me was a big part of this process because how the characters look is important to the look and feel of the whole book, and whole series of books.

I am still working on getting some pictures scanned, but i hope soon to show some art so you can see i do a bit more than just blog about this.


thanks for reading