Captain Canuck Anthology

It has been a while….it seems that life work and everything some times gets just a little busy and this blog is what suffers the most.  oh well.. i will try to update more.

So i am sketching out some thumbnails and getting some final dialog worked out… and it all seems to be going good… but i will up date as i go.. it is a slow process but a fun one….

Though there is some interesting and exciting news on the Captain Canuck front.  It seems that an Anthology of the original issues 4-14 will be out in comic stores soon.  My dad has already received a copy for him and i think either by the end of June or in July it will hit stores.  So for any of you looking to get the scoop on the original stories of the Great Captain you can grab them all easily soon in one book… and in a strange way even though i feel mine is very different… that is where most of my inspiration comes from…

for more info check out the source