Update on what is happening…

So there have been a few things happening in the Canuck universe recently.  First of all, the Anthology had come out.  For those of you who havent seen it, you can check it out at all major book and comic booc stores.  i think it looks Great!!.

Second, i finally posted some art for you all to see, all 3 of you who read this (and I am getting more and more convinced that 2 of the readers are my split personalities!)  I hope it is adiquate.

Now with teh writng of my Canuck.  Iam almost half way done the writing process, i think.  Un like my art.  I just cant take a quick glance and decide what it does and dosent need… but i have a few trusted friends and family members tha tare looking it over and giving me very valuable input.  Though the best input i have gotten is keep going you are very much on the right track.

So other than my self plugging away.. i am going to ask that who ever finds this blog if you could take a second to make a quick comment on the art.  Be gentle but honest.  Since i am planning on drawing the book myself i would like to find out how far off my art is.

Thanks for reading….



Some art work…be gentle…

Canuck and Wolvie