commisions part 2?

So i have been thinking alot lately and i have been asked by quite a few people how much i cahrge for my drawings and such.  So i am slowly going to get my self set up with some more proper equipment so as to do some more professional art.  I mean i need to get set up sooner or later as to start the art work for the comic.  but i after i do get set up i think i am going to start doing some commision work. 

Now as i said before this is hard for me because i love drawing and i love drawing for others it is the exchange of money that makes it harder.  but i will just have to try it and then go from there. 

Though out of the 2 people reading this, (and i am not sure if one of them isnt one of my multiple personalities)  i wonder what you think. Take one of your hobbies and put a price on it.  to me it is one of the hardest things in the world.

thanks for reading



Commision work?

So as I work on my Canuck Project, and I do work a full time job in insurance (Art, writing, Insurance it all goes together dosent it?)  And for a friend/coworker here i am working on a commision peice.   This is a rarety for me… i love drawing and i love drawing for others… so it is always hard for me to put a price on art.  So what i end up doing is letting them put a price on it.  I dont know about any of you others reading this…. (the whole 3 of you!)  but teh money aspesct has always been an issue with me an art… though i have always wanted to be paid to do art.  it is a strange place to be in. 

I will update again soon….



So a quick update on how things are going….. i guess slow and steady like the turtle is teh best way to describe it! 

I have almost finished teh first draft of the wqriting process.  And i have a few people who i trust who are reading it threw and giving me their opinions, and then i will go from there. 

I did have some art to ad to this post, but it seems that i saved it as teh wrong file extension and at my work computer i dont have the porgrams available to change it… so i will just have to add some more artwork at a later time.

I will also try to update this again soon…

Thanks for reading..