differant voice…

So today i dont really have much to say… i do want to try to keep up with this blog. 


But at some point i do want to set up my creative/writing partner here so he can do updates as well.  maybe soon ther ewill be a regular blog here and all sorts… though i do keep thinking that even though i want to center this on the good captain… i am thinking we may have to expand our horizions if we are to update this every day…

well for my one.. maybe two readers lol.. i am glad you took some time to stop by…

i am thinking if my old brain remembers that on my next update that i may discuss Mr Gold…


thanks for reading…




1 Comment

  1. Hey there…

    About your numbers of readers…I used to check in from time to time to see what was coming of this. But after a computer crash, I lost all my bookmarks.

    I have had the toughest time finding this blog again. I don’t know why that is. Any variation of Comely / Captain Canuck / blog. etc failed because I couldn’t remember your first name. Finally stumbled into your profile on deviantart.

    So I don’t know how many readers you really have but I wanted to leave a token comment so that you do there is interest out there. 🙂

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