jumbled thoughts….

So.. I mentioned in an earlier post that I am doing some art for a charity in KW area for an event called Cutting Out Brain Cancer… something that I personally know many who have suffered with… if anyone who reads this is in that area.. on June 10th you should check it out…


Now that I am done that I am going to be doing some Canuck centered art… get some stuff out there for you to see the direction we are headed… the story is coming along great.. and we are doing this very carefully .. so I will be doing something called thumbnail sketches of all the pages… and some of those I may show here…


Now some of you may wonder what comics I read.. since I am attempting to make one.. lol..

Well my partner who is doing the heavy lifting in the writing area… he is more of the Collector than myself…. Not that I don’t collect or read.. I am just weird in my way…


My  partner.. and I bug him about this.. he is a Batman nut… Batman everything… he right now I think collects 3 batman monthly books.. along with a few others… he has batman toys and novels, trade paperbacks, graphic novels.. Batman Batman Batman.. nothing at all wrong with this… and he is very careful with all his comics.. bags boards and organized…he is like a regular collector… which is probably the only normal thing about him!!


Now myself.. I am the weird collector…I think it comes from living with comics my whole life.. always tones and tones around.. so I don’t seem to ever collect a character.. there are lots of characters I love.. . but that isn’t enough to get me to buy a book.. and there are lots of characters I hate.. . but that doesn’t mean I would never buy their book.. see im weird..

Myself I tend to follow people.. creators, artists, writers inkers colorists… and I will give you an example… and this list is ever growing because great people come on the scene every day… but I love Jim Lee’s art and I love Richard Friend’s inks and Sinclair is an amazing colorist and Millar is a great writer.. and any of those people will get me to pick up a book… so that is how I collect.. and my comics end up in piles.. and the bags in the garbage.. and the boards get drawn on.. see weird..


Well.. thanks for coming by and reading… 




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