Art stuff…

So the bulk of the work I will be doing for the New CC is the art… the look of it… it is something that is very exciting and scary at the same time.  But there is something that I am going to attempt to do to not only try to make this easier but to make some of my art more consistent.

This is also something that me and my partner in this have discussed over and over as well.  See what we are going to do is try to use reference for as much as we can… for example I am going to be using lots of references for faces… that way when I draw Canuck with out his mask on he looks the same all the time because I am just referring to one persons face.. and no it wont be me!! Lol

We are going to be using reference for key buildings that you will see more and more… that way the city hall looks the same all the time… and such.


Now we are still in the infant stages of this… I mean really we are almost done the draft for the first issue… and then some editing of it and then the art and so on and so forth…


Like I said still in the beginnings.. but well on our way to the finishings…



No how much I am really going to be contributing to the art… well maybe more than I originally wanted.. but after a while I may be able to step back a bit…


But at this point it looks like I will be doing all the pencil art.. and then my own inks.. and then colour guides for some one to make look prettier in Photoshop… now what I am hoping is that the person who will be helping me with the Photoshop stuff.. well that he will soon not need the guides.. also I am hoping to teach some friends some stuff on inking and maybe get some help with that…


But time will tell us all….


Hey thanks for stopping by….




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