story progress…..

So i thought i would share… today i read the first half of the script for issue one… and i think it is reallly really good.. something you have never seen from the captain before!!! and hopefully something that will excite everyone and keep them wanting more…

I think it is quite amazing what can be accomplished and how it can turn out when you simply add another person to bounce ideas off of and to work with.. 1+1 definitly equals 10 or more!!!


thanks for reading




Script update and the other voice(s)…plus other news..

So i was talking to my partner today.. he says he has a version of the first issue done.. excpt he now wants to go through it with a fine tooth comb and get it to waht he feels is almost perfect.. and then i get to read it and a few select others.. and then we give feedback and go from there…

I am excited!! as he tells me it is fast paced and exciting… lots of action but deep in story.. so i am very excitied to see this…the plans are at this point.. is to get the scripts done.. for the whole first series starting with an issue at a time.. and then when he finishes each script i am first goiing to do thumbnail sketches of all the pages until i think i have them planned out the best.. adn i am going to show our group of people the thumb nails so they can give us feedback (i may also post osme here) and then it will be moving onto the pages.. and then from there some inks and colours and hopefully some printing…
now at this point it looks like i will be doing the pencils and inks and we have some one learning some great colouring techniques right now.. but since he is still a baby at it.. i will probably scan and print off all the pages and give him some colur guides for the pages so that he can make them look amazing… and from there here is hoping it will hit stores… as for how that is going to happen we have some ideas and will start sharing more when we get closer… becasue it will then start getting exciting and crazy….

Now my partner will soon be adding his posts here on this blog just so you dont always have to read my bad writing…there may also be a thrid person who will send me items to post here.. the more the better….. and i will be doing my best to remember to update here often…

Now i dont have any canuck art to share with you right now.. but i will share a peice i did recently for a charity event happening in Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario Canada… the even is called Cutting out Brain Cancer and it is on June 10 2012 and it is a great event… in my life personally i know a few peo0ple who suffer with brain tumurs… so this is a near and dear cause to me.. and i am donating more than one peice to it.. but i will share one here… if anyone who reads this is in the KW area i would strongly suggest checking it out….


thanks for stopping by and reading this..



story discussions….

SO i have been having lots and lots of story discussions with my writer… and we really have lots of things coming along… one of the great things we are doing is taking all the characters from the original universe and and using them in some way… mostly re-purposing them!… one of my favorite spins is simply with CC who we have named Evan Thompson… instead of Tom Evans .. and then we go from there… we still have Redcoat and Kebec and we have the infamous Bluefox along with a whole cast of characters to build up a an amazing universe!!!

One of the fun things we have had with writing is the different ways in witch these characters are being used.. and sometimes very surprising ways….

next week i will post some sketches to show you all how it is coming along… no pages yet as we are not starting on that art until we have a great script first!


thanks for coming bye…


Script update….

So i was talking to my friend and writing partner.. he is doimg most of the heavy lifting in regards to the script and such… and he tells me he has a draft almost completed.. and so far it sounds really good… he has taken my original script and idea and elevated it to a whole new amazing level!!!

i am excited to get it and start soem of the art for it… i think we will have somethign very exciting…


i will let you know more as i know more..




So not much of an update.. just trying to keep some what regualr posts… but the first draft of the script is finished.. what that means.. well on to the second draft!


Also we are looking at slightly re-vamping my already redesign of the Captain… some art should be coming later this month..


thanks for reading..



boring update….

So i dont have really much to say today…. i am too tired to thnk.. end of a night shift…


not much happening right now.. just working on the first draft… and am hoping to have some art to post up here soon….




So in the original captain Canuck series.. there was a breif apperance of this character named Catman.. he had this amulet that made him slightly stronger and gave him his purple costume.. then in the Reborn series his costume was reused and he was renamed Splatter…  I asked my father about this and he said it was simply because Catman was so used and so generic that he didnt want to deal with any possible fights to it….


now in the series i am attempting to get done… and drafts are being written… well we want to use Catman again in our own way… but to call him Catman and try to do the fights or change the name and just keep a tribute to the original character… that was a tough one…  i can tell you the slight redesign of his costume came easily.. and as i have shown it to others they think it looks great.. you can see a pic it is a few years old on my devaintart page… and it is an ok one… i find some of my peices are harder to look at after a while becasue at least i hope anyways i get better… and i dont like the older ones and many times wish i could re-do them… but isnt that the same with almost everything in life…


anyway.. thanks for popping by and taking a read