sick week….

so.. i have been wanting to write here all week.. i have just been out of it.  I came to my full time job where i work nights and i started to feel a cold coming on and it has just drained me all week.   And i know normal people when they get sick take time off, well i am kind of a freak.  SO i have been at my two jobs all week and still have a few days to go… i think i will end up doing 95 hours this week and hope not to die!! lol

But i have been doing thumbnails all week and i am hoping to start on pages by the end of this week…

as i get pages done i will post random ones here….

hope all is well…

thanks for stopping by




wow… it has been too long…….

so my only excuse for waiting so long is that i am working on art for the first issue… find us on facebook… csisagent captain canuck!